Apr 17

(Spoilers Extended) It should have been Davos

By minad268 | News

In the inside the episode (which they need to stop making because it's embarrassing), D&D said they put Arya on the ground in King’s Landing to make it more real and have more tension because it’s a character people care about.

It did the flat out opposite for me, we've seen Arya survive such ridiculous situations that I knew she wasn't going to die so it took me out of the immersion and made me resent the scene.

If they’re gonna put a character in that scene, make it Davos. He grew up in flea bottom. It would have been much more impactful to see his reactions and he would have been at a believable risk of being killed.

Edit: It just fits better for Davos to see the devastation of seeing children burning alive considering his past with Shireen.

Apr 17

Dear Reddit: Please remember why Digg went down.

By minad268 | News

Hey guys.

One of the things I would suggest you remember is that Digg was much, much bigger than you were at one point.

Then, Digg made a ton of changes to help monetize their site, create more “social” features, all under the guise that they wanted to improve things and give their users more tools.

I understand that you guys need to be more profitable, and Reddit Gold was a decent way to do that, although it’s likely not enough.

I urge you, though… don’t turn this site in to a wasted opportunity. The changes most of us have seen have been pretty negative, on so many levels.

If this redesign is really about money, consider that our community here at Reddit cares and we will happily support you over losing the style, functionality and heart that have come from this site, these people, this vision.

And if you guys are strapped for cash or need to create a viable income stream and make your investors feel more comfortable, I get it. But don’t forget the lessons we learned during the Digg fiasco.

You’re better than this. Prove it by changing your ideas and your model. We want you to make money, we want you around, but I think most people would agree that the ideas we’ve seen push us further away instead of bringing us closer to you.

Thanks for all you do.

Apr 17

You know the whole ADHD loophole where if someone else needs help, you gain the sudden inexplicable ability to do the thing? My Dad and I figured out a way to hack it.

By minad268 | News

We’ve started getting together on a regular basis and switching off helping each other/forcing each other to do stuff/doing stuff for each other. For example, I’ll make a phone call he’s been putting off and make appointments for him while he searches for jobs for me to apply to. It actually works really well, and neither of us feel infantilized or ineffective because we’ve been helping the other person. I don’t know if we’ll keep doing it long term, but it’s working really well to pull both of us out of the holes we’ve been in. It’s crazy how ADHD runs in families, isn’t it?