Apr 17

CMV: Mike Bloomberg's campaign is proof that the ultra wealthy in the US can afford a higher tax rate with no ill effect on them

By minad268 | News

Mike Bloomberg recently dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race after spending over $500 million dollars of his own money on his campaign. Even with this loss, he is still worth over $55 billion dollars.

I believe that this effortless spending on Bloombergs part showcases the reality that is wealth inequality between the ultra rich and working class. While I do not believe the rich should give up their fortunes, I do believe that any arguments against taxing them more is simply propaganda from those who hold the wealth and higher power at this point.

Certain media outlets claim that taxing the super wealthy is unfair and would be detrimental to those below them due to "trickle down" effects. There is also rhetoric that many self made billionaires worked hard for their fortunes, and that if we as Americans work hard, we might be rich ourselves one day.

I believe that moving forward, we should push for much higher taxes on those earning/worth more than 1 billion USD. If the money Bloomberg spent on his campaign went to actual communities that need funding, actual change could have been possible. Social programs could benefit greatly from these funds, and maybe we could afford to better fund national programs such as healthcare or family leave.

Apr 17

CryptoNick is deleting all of his BitConnect videos, and so are his buddies. Please never forget what he and his cohorts did to so many people, and how much money those people lost in the process thanks to CryptoNick, Trevon James, and Craig Grant!

By minad268 | News

We can't let these legendary affiliate scammers get away with what they did, and we have to show them all that we are the internet, and that we never forgive, and never forget.

Fuck these guys, and make sure you spread the word around about what they did, and continue to do with other Ponzi's like cloud mining. Go to their videos, and websites, and spread the warning.

These people don't get to just conveniently forget what has happened, and expect the rest of us to just forget about it too! Fuck them, and hopefully some more serious actions get taken against them for what they are responsible for, and please do your research before getting involved with any of these shysters too people.

You have a responsibility to protect yourself and your friends as well, and you are not exempt of all blame here either for falling for this shit if you did, so wake the fuck up!


Since this post blew up, and made its way on over to the r/All sub-Reddit and most of them don't understand what is going on, I decided to make an edit with a video that pretty much sums up all of the bad actors and more mentioned in this post, so if you want a backstory, just watch this video from /u/dougpolkpoker for a better understanding:

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