My first night after moving to Spain

By minad268 | News

Apr 17

I just landed here today! After napping I decided that even if I don’t know anybody, I’m just going to head to a neighborhood bar and sit by the counter. I started talking to the girl next to me, and by the end of the night we ended up with a group of 5. A duo of friends who had been living here for years and three people who had recently come to this city (including me!). Everyone is spanish with the exception of one of the duo (who moved from the UK to Spain almost a decade ago) and me (American). One of the people actually said they assumed I was Spanish too because I seem like I fit in well, and I took that as a big compliment. Several of the people in the group are gay (including me) so that’s cool, too!

One of the guys said he thinks we have a great group and should hang out more, and we all exchanged numbers. I made plans to hang out tomorrow with one of the girls, and I think it’s going to be really fun! She said she knows a poetry society here and she’s going to perform, so she asked me to tag along.

Not to mention that I spent 4€ for lunch and dinner together, and the food was great! Everything is cheap compared to my hometown, and the people are so nice. I’m just really happy, guys.

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